Due Diligence Evaluations

Peter Buxton has been engaged to join a Due Diligence team on many occasions.
Companies who are considering a bid to acquire a directory publisher require specialist assistance and advice in many areas. It is essential that the team includes a specialist who has extensive operational experience from within the industry. Peter Buxton’s experience in this respect complements the contributions made by other specialists in the areas of legal, financial and marketing.

Peter Buxton has been involved in Due Diligence work with teams relating to the sale of directory publishers in recent years, including World Directories, Telefoongids, SEAT Pagine Gialle, Pages Jaunes, De Gule Sider, TPI, Yellow Pages Group (New Zealand) and Infote.

An operational perspective is essential in the assessment of areas for cost and revenue improvement. This contribution plays a crucial role in determining a realistic evaluation of a directory publisher for both entry and exit strategies.

Peter Buxton has worked with various alternative approaches to engagement in a Due Diligence process.
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