The Sales Method

A directory business is a sales business. The directory publisher in each market has probably the largest sales force in that market.

As a sales company in the Yellow Pages sector it is clear that a successful Yellow Pages publisher is “good at selling Yellow Pages”…so how is it done ?
Peter Buxton works with many directory publishers to determine the best practice sales approach, recognising that successful Yellow Pages sales techniques are 80 % standard across all markets, however diverse and different the market and culture.

Peter Buxton helps publishers determine:
  • The sales channels to be utilised
  • The best market allocation across sales channels
  • The most effective canvass plan to optimise revenue potential in each market
  • The “Steps of the Sale”
  • The most effective sales commission schemes
  • The sales reporting and monitoring process
  • The most appropriate sales training programmes
  • The sales profile
  • The sales recruitment process

As the result of many years operational experience in the sales process, Buxton is able to offer very practical and realistic advise to maximising sales potential.

Everything that a directory publisher wants to achieve is achieved through the sales force!
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