The Sales Audit

The Objective
The prime objective of a Sales Audit is to seek efficiency improvements in the sales process.

The Process
Peter Buxton spends dedicated time with Sales Management, Sales Supervision and Sales consultants, including accompaniment in sales calls to advertisers.

In addition to identifying efficiency improvements Buxton is able as the result of joint calling visits to report back on:

  • Customer reactions & response
  • The salesman performance
  • The product acceptance in customer discussions
  • How is the salesman presenting online?
  • How is the customer responding to online offerings?
  • “What is the salesman really saying?"
Other specific areas can be identified by the company for observation & review.

A detailed report is completed identifying areas where the publisher can improve sales efficiencies. The report is presented by Peter Buxton to each level of management before its submission to senior management, in order to gain the report’s acceptance.

The Publisher
The Sales Audit is of value to established publishers as well as for less established publishers. All directory publishers employ a very large sales force. It is naturally impossible to control or observe all discussions between sales people and customers. Peter Buxton is able, through his extensive sales experience in the sales process to discuss real issues at all levels within the sales operation. He is able to understand the day-to-day pressures at each sales level and to gain creditability with all sales people. The effectiveness of the sales force has never been more important for all directory publishers than in today’s environment.

The Experience
The Sales Audit has been widely accepted within the industry as a key factor for improving sales performance. Buxton has in recent years conducted The Sales Audit in several directory markets, including Italy, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Slovakia, Norway, Singapore and Greece.

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